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Dogs Think “No Fair,” Too

“Animals react to inequity [and] to avoid stress, we should try to avoid treating them differently.” -Friederike Range more

Surf - Top Dog Sites

Six dog site you have to check out. more


Bruno’s behaviour had me bewildered, but after a chat with our trainer, I had more respect for the little guy. I learned that Bruno was just exercising his instinctual abilities, doing what Border Collies have been bred to do: herding—one of the oldest canine professions. Little Bruno was herding me. I was his sheep.more

The Nose Knows

Nothing is ever really lost. It’s always somewhere— so trust your dog to find it. more

Ask an Expert - Socializing a puppy

Q: I’ve been told that its crucial to socialize my puppy, Sal, at an early age but also that she shouldn’t play with other dogs until she’s had all her shots...more

Ask an Expert - Garbage-hunter

When in the dog park, he is more interested in garbage than you. more

Ask an Expert - Fostering dogs with one in the house

Enjoy the satisfaction of helping one more dog get ready for his new home. more

Ask an Expert - Unhealthy attachment

What would you think if that child followed you constantly from room to room, unwilling to be separated from you, even momentarily? Naturally, you’d be concerned. more
how to break up a dog fight

How To Break Up A Dog Fight - Ask an Expert

Not all dog fights are created equal. In fact, most spats between well-socialized dogs do not require any intervention at all. Like human arguments with shoving and swearing, spats can appear nasty even though neither party intends serious harm. more


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