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The Gender Divide

Psychologists have shown that women are usually looking for the “perfect mate” when they are considering men as potential partners. It appears that when choosing and bonding with dogs, women are similarly looking for the “perfect companion.” It is interesting that when describing their relationship to their dogs, women often compare it to their relationship with men—and men often come up on the short end of that assessment. more

Home at Last

In a game of association, I’m betting the name Michael Vick prompts an immediate and visceral reaction. Over four years after his arrest, Vick continues to be synonymous with dog fighting, his very mention provoking outrage in many circles, a testament to the impact of his arraignment and conviction.more

Embrace the Awkwardness

Awkward family pet photos. Yes, they’re ridiculous, but there’s an undeniable commonality of experience here. Cringe just a little as you laugh ‘cause there’s a little of us all in these funny photos. more
Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Halloween Costume Contest Winners


Our Dog's Beds, Ourselves



Prepare to be upstaged. Canine costumes take the cake. (Brace yourself, next All Hallow’s Eve your neighbour’s dog may be dressed as Katy Perry. We kid you not.) more
Puppy Wallpaper

Puppies! Free Modern Dog Wallpaper

Sweet puppy photo "wallpaper" backgrounds for your computer, iPad and more. more

A Dog Less Common


Beauty School

Does your dog masquerade as a shaggy, walking carpet clicking its way across the floor in between trips to the groomer? Well, no more! We asked professional groomer Nicole Tyson of Clayburn Dog Grooming to give us a step-by-step guide to the DIY basics for those that possess the will, but currently lack the wherewithal. (No judgment! Nail clipping can be daunting.)more

Friends or Foes

The Hatfields and the McCoys. Rome and Carthage. The Capulets and the Montagues. Enemies all, never to know a moment’s peace. To that list, history must certainly add cats and dogs. Or must it? Just what is it about this infamous rivalry that fuels such antagonism? Time and evolution, it would seem. Cats and dogs weren’t always separate creatures; they emerged out of the dim past, over 40 million years ago, from prototypical carnivores known as miacids, who eventually split into felids and canids, or the branches of the evolutionary tree we now recognize as cats and dogs.more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Dolly