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Friends or Foes

The Hatfields and the McCoys. Rome and Carthage. The Capulets and the Montagues. Enemies all, never to know a moment’s peace. To that list, history must certainly add cats and dogs. Or must it? Just what is it about this infamous rivalry that fuels such antagonism? Time and evolution, it would seem. Cats and dogs weren’t always separate creatures; they emerged out of the dim past, over 40 million years ago, from prototypical carnivores known as miacids, who eventually split into felids and canids, or the branches of the evolutionary tree we now recognize as cats and dogs.more

How Not to Greet a Dog


Announcement Cards

Did you just adopt a pup? Or is it your dog's birthday? Here's your chance to send an offical announcement to let your friends and family share in the fun and...more

In Case of Emergency Stickers

These stickers are essential for every dog owner. They are designed to alert firemen, policemen, and your neighbours that you have pet(s) inside in case of an...more

Who's Your Daddy


Dogs Think “No Fair,” Too

“Animals react to inequity [and] to avoid stress, we should try to avoid treating them differently.” -Friederike Range more

Surf - Top Dog Sites

Six dog site you have to check out. more


Bruno’s behaviour had me bewildered, but after a chat with our trainer, I had more respect for the little guy. I learned that Bruno was just exercising his instinctual abilities, doing what Border Collies have been bred to do: herding—one of the oldest canine professions. Little Bruno was herding me. I was his sheep.more

The Nose Knows

Nothing is ever really lost. It’s always somewhere— so trust your dog to find it. more

Ask an Expert - Socializing a puppy

Q: I’ve been told that its crucial to socialize my puppy, Sal, at an early age but also that she shouldn’t play with other dogs until she’s had all her shots...more


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