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DIY Craft - Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

DIY Craft - Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

I’ve jumped on the vintage suitcase dog bed bandwagon. What, you ask, are vintage suitcase dog beds? Well, these adorable pet beds are basically just upcycled old suitcases. You know, the kind you find at a thrift store that have no wheels, so are clearly not practical for extreme traveling. I have a love for old suitcases, so I was considering purchasing a little bed on Etsy for Zuzu the Poodle; however, once I noticed the hefty price tag (over $50 for most of the listings) I decided it was time for some DIY magic. I made my own version for under $10. Here’s how: more

Dog VS Balloons

A little something to jazz up you day: Simon exacts his revenge on 74 evil latex orbs in a mere 57 seconds! more

DIY Tugga Toy

This colourful, homemade dog toy is perfect for tug-of-war games or fetch. It’s so simple to make that kids can put it together. more

DIY Craft - Silhouette Tote

Silhouette Tote Keep your dog—or at least his image—with you at all times, and show everyone just how cute he is; adorn a bag with a silhouette of his profile...more

DIY Craft - Personalized Bowls

We’ve got cool pet projects from of our favourite crafty lady, Martha Stewart. Personalize an enamel dish with your dog’s name for a vintage look, then whip up...more

Your Smile of the Day

"Thank you for making the world a better place." Shelby submitted by Christie   "And for your first birthday we got you a pony." Zandaly submitted by...more

Opposites Attract

"Look at me. Just look at me. I love you. Did you hear me? I love you!" Ceasar submitted by Allan MacDonald   "Baby backpacks are making a comeback."...more

Hipster Dogs

"Freebird." Bella submitted by ILOVECEREAL   "It's the 60s baby!" Capone Santiago submitted by Jamie and John Cordell   "DIY awesomeness...more

The April Fool's Joke We Wish Was Real

Q: What makes a dog more miserable than chocolate, rainy days, and flea collars—combined? A: LAME GLASSES. So we were a little late seeing this, but...more

Dogs and Sprinklers

                        Via: more


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