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DIY Craft - Silhouette Tote

Silhouette Tote Keep your dog—or at least his image—with you at all times, and show everyone just how cute he is; adorn a bag with a silhouette of his profile...more

DIY Craft - Personalized Bowls

We’ve got cool pet projects from of our favourite crafty lady, Martha Stewart. Personalize an enamel dish with your dog’s name for a vintage look, then whip up...more

Your Smile of the Day

"Thank you for making the world a better place." Shelby submitted by Christie   "And for your first birthday we got you a pony." Zandaly submitted by...more

Opposites Attract

"Look at me. Just look at me. I love you. Did you hear me? I love you!" Ceasar submitted by Allan MacDonald   "Baby backpacks are making a comeback."...more

Hipster Dogs

"Freebird." Bella submitted by ILOVECEREAL   "It's the 60s baby!" Capone Santiago submitted by Jamie and John Cordell   "DIY awesomeness...more

The April Fool's Joke We Wish Was Real

Q: What makes a dog more miserable than chocolate, rainy days, and flea collars—combined? A: LAME GLASSES. So we were a little late seeing this, but...more

Dogs and Sprinklers

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Goodbye Bad Day, Hello Dog Photos

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DIY Collar

DIY Recycled Dog Shirt-Collar

MATERIALS: Recycled Collared Shirt Craft Glue Seam ripper (thread unpicker) Optional embellishments (fabric trim, ribbon, studs…) GET STARTED:  Start by...more

Maymo Loves Mouse



Dog of the Week!

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