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Distract Me!

I’m amazed at how well-behaved most Manhattan dogs are. With buses roaring by, taxis horns blaring, jaywalkers shuttling en masse across major streets, New...more

Caught in the Act

"Yes?" Dandy Mae submitted by Blake & Natalie Lyons   "As I recall, you never specifically said that the dryer was off limits." Maya and Tara...more

Move Over, Boo... Meet the Cutest Dog on the Internet


Dog the Odour Hunter

I was a terrible student in high school, especially when it came to the much-abhorred subject of math. I consistently showed up for class without a calculator...more

Bully For You


DIY Craft - Pet Pocket

We asked the very talented Amy Bethune—she’s a quadruple threat: college chemistry professor, photographer, blogger, and maker of beautiful things—to share how to create her cute, handy little pet pouches that attach to a dog’s collar. Happily, she obliged. They store your key or card and a few extra bags so you’ll never be caught out unprepared. Take it away, Amy…more


Alone…in the middle of the Stanislaus National Forest in California. Nothing moved around me. Other than a few birdcalls, there was silence. The sun shone down...more

Something Borrowed, Something Chewed

“A dog is an important part of a couple’s relationship and they want to include them in the wedding just as they would include anybody else they really loved,” she says. Now a pro at the art of incorporating couples’ pets into their weddings, she can look back and laugh at some memorable experiences—a dog peeing on a wedding dress, for one—that have taught her it takes a lot of work to design a ceremony that ends happily for the couple, the wedding guests, and the dog.more

Acting Up

As the unconscious Valentin was pulled from the burning building and laid out on the sidewalk, Uggie quickly approached, sniffing all over his body, determinedly searching for signs of life—until the director yelled “Cut!” With the camera no longer rolling, Uggie bounced off for some well-deserved play time.more

Rescue Me

One-fifth of all dogs adopted from shelters are returned within a few months. Unfortunately, each “return” stands a reduced chance of getting adopted out again, and often becomes one of millions whose time simply runs out. According to the Humane Society of the United States, an unwanted shelter pet is euthanized about every eight seconds.more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Charlotte