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Living the Sweet Life

From the corrugated metal belly of a restored World War II Quonset Hut, La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue was born. The unusual place of genesis, home to La Dolce...more

Mutts, Glorious Mutts!

BELLA, Border Collie/Labrador/German Shepherd Krissy Nordstrom-Young and her dog, Bella, were our last pair of the day and another duo that traveled over...more

DIY Craft - Chalkboard Dog-treat Jar

Materials • Glass jar • Chalkboard paint (available at most hardware and paint stores) • Paint brush • Printer • Paper • Scissors • Masking tape • Newspaper...more

Why Do Dogs Shake Themselves When They are not Wet?

I would imagine it’s because of some kind of skin irritation. What can they do? It’s not like they can go in for a massage or tell their owner, “Scratch this...more

Why Does My Dog Rub Herself All Over the Carpet?

Two reasons, either to relieve an itch or to mark with scent. For a dog, a great analogy is that they want their place to smell like home, which means it...more

Why Does My Dog Turn Around Three Times Before Lying Down?

I’ve pondered this one for years and years and years. It could be to flatten the grass, or it could be [determining] the correct direction to face in terms...more

Why Does My Dog Bury Treats and Sometimes Even Her Toys?

In the wild, it’s kind of like their fridge. If they have a surplus of food or food that takes a longer time to eat, like bones, then they want to hide it so...more

Why Does My Dog like to Rub Himself on Anything Stinky He Encounters?

When dogs were hunting, they probably found they got off better if their prey couldn’t smell them. What better disguise than, say, to rub in the feces of what...more

Why Does My Dog Scratch the Ground After Going to the Bathroom?

There are actually a number of animals that do that. Bears will scratch the tree trunks with their claws to leave a visual and olfactory marker that they peed...more


CLARK, a Mini Goldendoodle Our first dog of the day, Clark, an adorable and undeniably super-fluffy Mini Goldendoodle (a Golden Retriever/Poodle cross),...more


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