DIY Projects

DIY EAT - Blueberry Pupsicles

WHAT YOU WILL NEED • 2 cups plain organic yogurt • 1/3 cup fresh blueberries • 6-bar silicon rectangle muffin mold 1. Combine 1 cup yogurt and half of the...more

DIY Eat - Frozen Tuna Treats

We can’t forget about our little friends this summer. They enjoy the sunshine just as much as we do, but unfortunately they can get heated pretty quickly. Why not cool them down with some easy to make frozen treats? Your cat will love you a million times more once he gets his paws on this yummy delicacy. (Your dog friends will love them too.) more

DIY Craft - Vacation Dog Tags

Ah summer, season of escapes to the cabin, glorious weeks booked off to spend in a little beach town, and camping out under the stars. For those of you...more
DIY Eat: Superfood Gravy

DIY Eat: Superfood Gravy

Meaty and delicious! more

DIY Eat - Hearty Stew

Stew for Sad Dogs On days when your dog seems under the weather and in need of some TLC, this warming, heartening stew with its lovely selection of sweet...more

DIY Eat - Low-Cal Snacks

Salmon Cookies Ingredients 2 ½ cups wheat flour 2/3 cup soft oatmeal ½ lb raw salmon fillet 1 egg 3 ½ Tbsp sunflower oil About ½ cup water Utensils...more

DIY Eat - Low-Cal Snacks - Liver Dumplings

Liver Dumplings Ingredients 2 ½ cups rye flour 1/3 lb fresh chicken liver 2 Tbsp chopped parsley 3 ½ Tbsp sunflower oil About ½ cup water Utensils Cooking...more
DIY no-sew pet beds

DIY no-sew pet beds

Super easy homemade pet beds!more

DIY Craft - Paw Print Wall Art

Coco Bean, and I had a little painting party and designed some of our own custom prints for the walls. more

DIY Craft: 5-Minute Doggy Valentine

Ever had one of those Valentine’s Day when you’ve completely forgotten to organize anything? Yep, me too. So to save you tears on February 14th, here is my favourite quick fix that doesn’t involve flowers from the service station—the FIVE MINUTE VALENTINE! Grab your favourite four-legged friend and lets get started! more


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