DIY Projects

DIY Eat: Summer Freezies

DIY Eat: Summer Freezies—Modern Dog test kitchen approved!

7 Quick, cool freezer treats you can make for your dog in mere minutes! more
DIY Craft: Pagami Paper Craft Pup

DIY Craft: Pagami Paper Craft Pup

Inspired by kirigami, the Japanese art of paper cutting and folding, Pagami are simple paper crafts you can make at home. Make your own Pagami Pup in just six...more
DIY Eat: Bentley's Blend

DIY Eat: Bentley's Blend

A chicken and rice dinner for your dog by Haylie Duff more
DIY Craft: Twig Leash Holder

DIY Craft: Twig Leash Holder

This easy (and inexpensive to make!) branch leash holder keeps your dog’s leashes and collars organized while adding a dash of rustic whimsy to your hallway more
DIY Eat—Rex's Terrific Trail Mix

DIY Eat—Rex's Terrific Trail Mix

Made from leftovers and delicious! more
DIY Craft—Stamp It!

DIY Craft—Stamp It!

Make your own dog-patterned wrapping paper with this DIY rubber stamp! more
Haylie Duff

DIY Eat - Haylie Duff's Baked Dog Treats

Haylie Duff's passion for dogs is no secret, nor is her love of cooking. She created this recipe for baked dog treats to spoil her beloved dog Chicken, who...more
Scout’s Honour!

DIY Craft - Scout’s Honour!

Super-cute camp-inspired badges made for adorning everything from your dog’s bandana to your sweater more
Chicken Nugget Dog Treats

DIY Eat - Tasty Chicken Nugget Dog Treats

We like a good, simple recipe as much as the next person, particularly when our blender does the majority of the work. So when we happened upon a super-simple...more
Fast and easy summer treats for dogs

DIY Eat - Pops for Pups

Your dog is going to love these! Whip up these frozen treats in mere minutes. It doesn’t get any easier.  Cheese Please - Mix together equal parts cottage...more


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