Connie's Book Club - Winter 09/10

Connie's Book Club

Connie's Book Club

Who Wants To Be A Poodle—I Don’t By Lauren Child

Connie's Book Club - Who Wants To Be A Poodle

The graphics, patterns, and colours of this delightful collage-style book will fascinate and entertain children while they empathize with the plight of poor little Trixie Twinkle Toes, a pampered, poofy Poodle who yearns to be a real dog, splashing about in puddles, catching sticks, and being Dangerous and Daring. Totally misunderstood by her mistress who can’t understand what her little dog’s antics are trying to convey, it takes Trixie’s heroic escapade to finally make the glamorous Verity Brule realize just what her little dog has been trying to tell her all along. - Connie Wilson

The Dog Who Belonged To No One By Amy Hest

Connie's Book Club - The Dog Who Belonged To No One

New York Times bestselling author Amy Hest and talented illustrator Amy Bates have teamed up to bring us The Dog Who Belonged To No One (Abrams Books, 2008). A heartwarming story of a little girl in need of a friend and the small stray dog who finds her. The lovely, autumn- toned illustrations bring the story to life while the happily-ever-after ending makes for a sweet-dreams bedtime story that will no doubt be read aloud time and again. - Connie Wilson

The Lonesome Puppy By Yoshitomo Nara

Connie's Book Club - The Lonesome Puppy

Acclaimed Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara has developed a cult-like worldwide following; The Lonesome Puppy (Chronicle Books, 1999), his first children’s book, continues to delight his fans and charm new ones. The book concerns a puppy that was “SO BIG” no one noticed him—until a tenacious little girl climbs high enough to meet him and a friendship is forged. The sweet story is dedicated to physically challenged children everywhere, no doubt a comment on the veil of invisibility often experienced by the disabled. This lovely book will appeal to children and adults alike. - Connie Wilson

Ten Little Puppies by Marian and Jim Harris

Connie's Book Club - Ten Little Puppies

Ten Little Puppies (Accord Publishing, 2009), the silly sequel to Ten Little Dinosaurs, which sold over two million copies, is sure to delight the young—and young at heart. With sing-song lyrics like “Ten little puppies
jumping on a bed, one fell off and bumped his head…” this book will captivate kids, teaching them to count while learning about activities
such as rock climbing, surfing, and skiing, all through the antics of the accident-prone but darling ten little puppies. The jiggling
googley eyes that are affixed to the back cover pop through each page, bringing to life the ten different breeds featured in this fun book. A glossary of the featured breeds at the back of the book will further educate young dog lovers. -Connie Wilson

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs by Bradley Trevor Greive

Connie's Book Club - Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

It’s a well-established fact that dogs are better than cats. Bradley Trevor Greive, the sage who brought us such classic titles as The Blue Day Book, The Meaning of Life, and Dieting Causes Brain Damage, among others, has offered his opinion on the subject in Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2009). Gorgeously photographed by Rachel Hale, this book acts more of a celebration of dogs rather than a complete attack on cat lovers, but just to be safe, it’s best to keep it from your cat-loving friends. Further proof that dogs still remain on top! - Melissa Barr

Mitzy’s World Written by Deborah Raffin, Paintings by Jane Wooster Scott

Connie's Book Club - Mitzi's World

Itsy-bitsy, ditzy Mitzi has gotten lost in the lush, vibrant, and detailed art of Jane Wooster Scott in the book Mitzy’s World (Harry N. Abrams, 2009). Take a tour through America in this gorgeous, nostalgic book and find Mitzy in each of the Scott’s beautiful paintings, following clues in Deborah Raffin’s sweet and simple text. Filled with Victorian imagery, this book is a vivid, interactive seek and discover experience for the whole family to share. - Melissa Barr

Bad to the Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger by Bo Hoefinger

Connie's Book Club - Bad to the Bone

Get honest, engaging, and hilarious insight into the inner life of a dog through the eyes of Bo, once a shelter-reject and now, a beloved family pet. Bad to the Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger (Citadel Press, 2009) draws on Bo’s experiences to paint a sympathetic, sweet, and kind portrait of an American family from the ground up, unfolding into an absorbing story of love, friendship, and loyalty. Written in a voice strong enough to make it easy to forget that this book wasn’t actually written by a dog, this story brings humour and perspective to everyday life. Very easy to read and hilarious! - Melissa Barr

Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned From the Dog Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Amy Newmark

Connie's Book Club - Chicken Soup for the Soul

The “Chicken Soup” series has a way of softening a reader with sweet and humourous anecdotes before viciously splitting her outer shell like a roasted chestnut at Christmastime until she’s a tearful, trembling mess in need of a hug. Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s the holiday season, but something about this book crushes souls in the best, most sentimental way. Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned From the Dog (Simon & Schuster, 2009) is like every bittersweet memory of a childhood spent growing up with a dog and learning every lesson alongside him wrapped into one book perfect for dog lovers or anyone with a heart. - Melissa Barr

Different Strokes: The Difference Between Cats and Dogs. Photos by Gandee Vasan, written by Patrick Regan

Different Strokes: The Difference Between Cats and Dogs (Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2009) is a sweet, sentimental book about what can be learned from dogs and cats. With lessons from dealing with differences to becoming confident, courageous, and loyal, this book is an easy, heart-warming read with amusing, cute photographs. It doesn’t weigh in on one side or the other of the age old debate of dogs vs. cats, but rather looks at what can learned by loving them both. - Melissa Barr

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