Carrie Preston

True Blood’s Carrie Preston on Her True Love

Whether you care to credit Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series for the spawning of all things vampire-crazed or instead believe Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula...more
Jennifer Love Hewitt Modern Dog

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Well, Everything.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is anything but a one-trick pony. The girl who, nearly a quarter of a century ago, first graced our small screens in countless television...more

Miranda Lambert and Her Dogs

As a young girl growing up in the ’70s, I remember listening as my mom, having donned huge headphones plugged into her record player, belted out her favourite...more

Country Strong

A couple years ago, my husband and I headed to Los Angeles to attend an animal rescue fundraising gala. While there, we did what any self-respecting gala-...more

10 Years in 10 Questions

In the years I’ve spent collaborating with the good people of Modern Dog magazine, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Oscar winners, talk show hosts, and an internationally revered home-making maven, but no interview had me chomping at the proverbial bit more than this one. Trailblazer, animal advocate, and entrepreneur, this is the one and only Connie Wilson.more

What Would Martha Do?

Martha Stewart dishes the goods on staying organized, getting focused, and loving her dogs.more

Katherine Heigl Means Business

I once overheard someone say something about the city of Paris along the lines of: “Ah Paris, you either love it or hate it.” It stuck with me, that assertion...more

Jonathan Scott’s Simple Tips For a Dog-Friendly Home

Bamboo floors are great for dogs. They’re durable and are harder than most species of hardwood. They’re also environmentally friendly because bamboo is a highly renewable source of material. A bamboo plant can grow up to 78 inches in just 40 days. more

Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott Loves Little Dogs

At 6-foot-5, a construction dude with—I couldn’t help but notice—fine taste in fabulous footwear (Italian, I think?), Jonathan makes up 50 percent of the hit series Property Brothers’ co-hosting team. Along with twin brother Drew, put simply, the brothers are gaining more attention than a hot real estate market, as their show tops the ratings on both the W Network and HGTV. more

From Chuck to Chuck-Its

Yvonne Strahovski, star of NBC’s Chuck, the voice of Miranda Lawson in the Mass Effect video game series, and vocal animal rescue crusader. And yes, of course, I concluded my tweet as we twitter-bugs do, with a simple #YvonneStrahovski. (God bless the hashtag, the universal symbol for “Join in on the conversation!”) Less than a minute later, I thought I’d been attacked by some kind of weird virus and that Twitter was going twitter-bananas on me. But no, it was simply Twitter in action: a plethora of Yvonne fans jumping at the chance to talk to her, via me and Modern Dog magazine. more


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