The American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog

Clever, kid-friendly, and among the most trainable of breeds,  the Eskie is the complete brains-and-beauty package more
10 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

10 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

Lower energy dog breeds that don’t need tons of exercise  more
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Best 5 Dog Barks to Deter Burglars

Burglars confess that they are most likely to avoid a home that has a dog*, but which breed has the most effective bark? With so many choices of pooch to pick...more
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The 10 Most Energetic Dog Breeds

Modern Dog Guide to the most Hyper Pup Breeds to look out for. more

Meet the Havanese

This funny, lovey-dovey dog is great with children more

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Russian Toy Terrier VS The Chihuahua

Say hello to the Russian Toy, one the of the AKC’s newly recognized dog breeds in 2022 more

10 Breeds That Look Totally Different As Puppies

We asked Gina DiNardo, breed expert and AKC Executive Secretary, for her list of pups that look most unlike their adult counterparts. Prep yourself for some serious cuteness! more

The Berger Picard

Saved from extinction, a rare, ancient French breed is made famous by Disney more

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Komondor vs. the Puli

These dreadlocked dogs share a showstopping corded coat—but the similarities stop there more

The Whippet: Perfect Writer's Companion

Why the Whippet is the perfect companion for a writer. more


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