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Esther celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving by eating pumpkin pie in style in her colours-of-the-season dinner frock from Monkey Daze.

Woven glitter dress with pink polka dot bow detail and crystal buckle.


As a confirmed workaholic, others usually notice I need time off from animal rescue before I do.

That happened today. I sat eating lunch with a friend at an excellent Seattle Japanese restaurant called Red Fin when I noticed something sitting on the next table.

One woman had ordered a bento box for lunch, and was courteously leaving it closed and uneaten while she waited for her lunch-mate’s meal to be served. A bento box, a shellacked plastic box with a series of square


One of the first things I do when I sit down at my computer in the morning is to get my daily happy fix. I do this by checking out the Dog Of The Day on the Dressed Up Dogs Blog. Of course, I'm a little biased as the dogs featured there are the dogs that regularly come to Modern Dog's office and are near and dear to my heart.  My pooch, Kaya is one of those beauties and she doesn't need to be dressed up to put a smile on my face, but I

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Advance preparation is urged for rescuers who want to travel into a disaster zone to help. That means getting on the responders’ list before disaster strikes. Rescuers at this week’s DART workshop in Everett were encouraged to attend training sessions, and lots of them.

Untrained rescuers can become a liability. If a calamity occurs, resources must be devoted to rescuing the rescuer. Some people are more concerned about saving animals than preserving their own lives. To them, Tim Read more...
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Animal rescuers without disaster kits and exit plans for their own homes won’t be any use in the field if a crisis happens in their local area. They’ll be too busy saving themselves, and their own pets and family members. That’s just one of the many lessons communicated at this week’s training for the Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) in Washington State.

The national DART, which is operated through Humane Society of United States (HSUS), has Read more...

Mr. Big is ready to rumble in an adjustable, waterproof vest with pockets for treats and baggies. Zips up the back for easy on-off and reflective piping for late-night walks.

Comes in mesh or fleece lining, and always breathable, from $80.


Esther plans to hit up the toga party at Delta Omega Gamma tonight! Paw-ty on, dude!

Black tee part of Fab Dog's Delta Omega Gamma - DOG - collection, $28.


Comfy in her cotton backpack, Rose can carry her own toys to the park for an afternoon of fetch.

Velcro and drawstring backpack with roomy storage pouch.


Kaya's California cool in her electric blue and sunshine orange-spotted collar and lead set by Gwen Gear, San Fransisco. Who wants to hit the waves?

Dolores Blue Dog Collar, $33 and matching lead, $38.


One of the most anticipated pet industry trade shows of the year is the HH Backer Christmas show held for three days every October in the windy city of Chicago.  With two floors chock-full of exhibitors representing everything from the latest in pet food products to just-off-the-runway pet attire, you really have to hustle to take it all in. As usual, we've sourced the best and most interesting products which



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