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October 27, 2008 by Connie Wilson

If you’re planning to dress up your dog for Halloween (or another festive occasion) and would like to make the costume yourself, check out a book called Dress Up Your Dog by Annette Howard. Containing patterns for 18 different costumes, the easy-to follow, step-by-step instructions are suitable for any skill level and the accompanying colour photographs of dogs wearing the finished results, will have you itching to get started.  My favourites are the Flower, Frenchman, Pierrot, and the

October 25, 2008 by Karin

Intern Timmy shows off his best side in his camo and denim overalls from Peppermint Santa Monica by Pooch Outfitters.

Silver star details on back pocket and stretch cotton for a comfy fit at

October 24, 2008 by Karin

Mr. Big anticipates All Hallows Eve next week by donning a sparkling skull and bow collar in his favourite colour: barkin' black.

Tarina Tarantino Gothic Lolita Beaded Necklace in lucite and crystal, $75.95.

October 23, 2008 by Karin

Kaya rocks camo couture in her water-resistant windbreaker; who says it's just for boys?

Camo print and maroon zip-up vest with hood and storage pocket on back.

IMG_2140 shrunk.jpg

I set out to buy a piece of rural property with a vision of building a home in the wilderness. But there was a stumbling block to my peace of mind and steadfast mission.

When county officials came out to check the state of the soil, they used augers to burrow round holes deep into the ground, three to four feet down, to determine what type of septic system was most suited to the land’s particular drainage capability.

Now, instead of planning and dreaming about my

October 22, 2008 by Karin

Move aside, Mary Jane! Rose displays her devotion to superhero Spider-Man in pretty plaid.

The Marvel Comics Collection by Chi WOW WOW, Get the Spider-Man dress at Barking Babies, $75.

October 21, 2008 by Karin

Esther goes for gold in the posh pooch event; how could she not dazzle them in her Dog Chewz NYC collar?

Pink metallic leather and prong-set Swarovski crystal collar in 6 colour options. See for where to buy.

IMG_8342 shrunk.jpg

In libraries and schools across North America, a steadfastly loyal and tireless group of literacy volunteers are teaching kids to read. They don’t demand salary. They never complain or show signs of boredom. They receive nothing more than a cookie and a head scratch for their efforts.

They are listening dogs, and they work miracles for children’s literacy. Even kids who know how to read flock to these dogs just for fun, growing their vocabulary and public speaking skills in

B0000204 shrunk.jpg
I witnessed the effects of disaster stress with my own eyes in New Orleans while I was part of a rescue team saving animals following hurricane Katrina. A rescued dog turned on one of us when we were outside of our temporary kenneling facility walking the animals. Without much warning, he bit off part of the man’s finger.

The animals we pulled off the streets were starving. They did attack people and other animals for food. But this dog had already been with us for a few days. He Read more...
October 18, 2008 by Karin

Esther's luxe plaid coat from Molly & June is part of this season's limited edition collection. Who wouldn't want clothes specially made for her with comfort and style in mind?

For dogs up to 24lbs.


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