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November 18, 2008 by Karin

Rose and Mr. Big share the love in their "Peace, Love and Paw" tees from Andrea Levine.

T-Shirts availble for dogs and their owners. Check out for some serious sparkle in homage to your canine companion.

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This weekend I brought you the Blackberry family of cats, compliments of Carol Fuegi of the Point Roberts Animal Wellbeing Society. The response to the photograph was overwhelming, proving that these forgotten creatures can touch the heartstrings of human beings.

Carol provided another photograph for your viewing pleasure, illustrating the gentle beauty of feral cats. The kittens featured here were tamed, and Tsawwassen Animal Hospital found responsible homes for each of them.

November 17, 2008 by Connie Wilson

As mentioned in an earlier blog this month, November is Senior Pet Month and accordingly, I'd like to dedicate it to a senior dog near and dear to my heart, my very own Kaya girl. I can hardly believe she's going to be fifteen years old next month...  in Kayapeople years she'd be ancient.  In the last six months I've really seen a difference in her ability to see, hear and


The West Coast community of Point Roberts, Washington is a geopolitical oddity known as an exclave. Unless you fly a small plane or take a boat through Boundary Bay, the only way to get there is by driving through Canada.

In that region, Canada and the United States are divided by the 49th parallel. Because Point Roberts is south of the 49th, the three by two mile peninsula was claimed as American territory.

Life on the Point is breathtakingly beautiful.

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People try to convince me that it’s a great idea to get a dog or cat from a breeder or a pet store if they have their hearts set on a specific type of animal.

I’m never able to let these comments slide without at least giving my input. I have had some success changing people’s minds when I calmly lay out the facts.

A vast selection of animals is available for adoption in the shelter system. About 25 percent of shelter dogs are purebred. You will find purebred cats in Read more...
November 15, 2008 by Karin

Kaya's friend Riley gets girly in her hoodie and denim miniskirt. Who's up for a Chic Flick?

Hooded Denim Dress with crystal heart and decorative chain by Monkey Daze. XXS -XXL, $60 at

November 14, 2008 by Connie Wilson
With the current state of the economy seeing job lay-offs and families being foreclosed out of their homes, it's also responsible for growing numbers of pets being surrendered to animal shelters. Facing overcrowded facilities and shrinking donations, animal shelters and rescue organizations are finding their resources stretched to the limit. If there were ever a good time to donate to your local animal shelter, now would be it. Unfortunately, it's been proven that people are less inclined to Read more...
November 14, 2008 by Connie Wilson


Torontonians will feel good about starting the holiday season a little early if they join in the fun at the 2nd annual Twelve Beds of Christmas Charity Auction. The fundraiser will be held Wednesday November 19th from 6pm to 9pm at CiRCA Nightclub and Entertainment Venue (126 John Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2E3).

Twelve, one-of-a-kind beds designed/created by local designers, artists, musicians and TV personalities will be auctioned off to the

November 14, 2008 by Karin

Rose and Esther go for a stroll sans doing the leash tango.

The Cujo 25 with shock absorbing stretch by EzyDog, $24-$34 at Royal Gold collars by Lupine; visit for retailers.

November 13, 2008 by Karin

Esther shoots the camera a sassy look as if to say; "You say I'm a Bitch like it's a bad thing".

Hand silkscreened, 100% cotton muscle tank by ruff ruff & Meow, $19.95.


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