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At WholeWoof, we believe every dog deserves healthy, safe products. The food and toys you give your pets on a daily basis play a crucial role in their health and well-being, so we’re here with a selection of treats, toys, and



We love our pets and like our children, want to preserve the memories they give us. Displaying their photo with a favorite keepsake toy and their pawprint are great ways of sharing. Makin a Memory frames have a unique way of achieving this.

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Dogs are a part of the family; therefore, they go where we go. Although fun, there can be challenges to traveling with your dog.

How do you make sure they don’t chew something up? Are they going to listen and stay in a designated area? Are they going to bark at inappropriate times? Where will they sleep or have quiet time?

As someone that travels often with their dog, we have used many products to simplify our adventures. We have a few essentials that come on every trip like a


The Yabozi Royals™ are the perfect gift for trend-setting pets (and owners) that want style, function and good taste. Mealtimes are a classy affair with this unique, patented pet bowl that doubles as a fashion statement. From New


Charlee Bear is celebrating 25 years of making healthy low calorie dog treats.  We are celebrating with every doggie and pet parent who has used a Charlee Bear Dog Treat to say I love you or reward a good effort.  We treasure the bond between humans and canines and our goal was to create products that make that bond stronger while keeping dogs lean and healthy.

We understand how important it is for dogs to maintain a healthy


Life can get messy, busy and can sometimes leave you feeling broken. Pluto, a stray dog came into the lives of the Davis family and set out to heal them. This is a story that might not be so unique to dog owners who know the power of unconditional love of their dog. This October 6thThe Stray


We know life can be 'ruff' sometimes when your furry friend is dog-tired and in need of a soft, comfy place to crash.

We can help.

Sleep Envie is a Toronto based mattress and bedroom-lifestyle brand with an absolute



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