November 18, 2013 by Steve Duno
Thanksgiving dog

• For the chance to blog here.
• For my 16 year-old dog Flavio still being able to walk, eat, and smile.
• For my 7 year-old dog Rico, who’s birthday is today (though he is a beef-brained, bumbling pin ball who would jump into a furnace if I threw a cookie in there).
• For having the chance over the last 22 years to save thousands of troubled dogs from the grim reaper.
• For having the good luck to publish 18 books over the past 18 years, and for the people who buy them.
• For hardly ever being bitten.
• For finding Lou, my brother- the Last Dog On The Hill, in the wilds of Mendocino County in 1989.
• For the friends who count, and appreciate.
• For my family, as nutty as they are.
• For my old man, a WWII vet who, about to turn 90, is still working (you don’t want to know).
• For the mystery dog who for the past ten years has left an afternoon turd in front of my home.
• For Jimmy and Satan, the kibble-loving crows who poop on my car.
• For the trainers who mentored me so long ago.
• For not getting shot in Culver City in 1991.
• For not being allergic to pets.
• For my fear of rabbits and clowns.
• For crazy people who rescue dogs- especially in the Third World.
• For veterinarians.
• For dogs who learn to do good things all on their own.
• For dog lovers who don’t treat their pets like kids or trust fund babies or lovers or gods.
• For those who don’t think dogs are simpletons who will change bad behaviors just for a cookie.
• For any soldier, or soldier’s dog.
• For search-and-rescue crews and their magnificent canines.
• For any dog who works to keep us safe or happy.
• For my country.
• For Nicki. 
• For Old Yeller, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, and Hachi.
• For the ability to live in a country where I have the luxury of loving a dog.
• For my Uncle Mike, killed by a tiger in 1945 in Bangladesh.
• For Uncle Tony, who survived Omaha Beach, France, Patton, and the Battle of the Bulge.
• For bulldogs riding skateboards.
• For the sweet old dog who smiled at me on the street twenty minutes ago then walked away.

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Thanks - For the privilege of having met Jimmy and Satan, and fed them on a lawn chair.
And thank you for mentioning those who rescue dogs in other countries. My boyfriend's dad lives in Costa Rica and he recently adopted an awesome little dog off the streets. Her name is Venga, which means "come here" in Spanish, so telling Venga to "Vamos!" is a really fun foreign language contradiction :)
Mon, 11/18/2013 - 20:18

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