Warm days, hot dogs, hotter styles

Warm days, hot dogs, hotter styles
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Despite this recent wave of stifling weather, my dogs have managed to stay cool while looking hot in the Summer's hottest canine fashions. Although Chance must remain collar-less for the time being due to his skin issues, Roxy and Cash still feel the need to beat the heat in style with collars from our favorite doggie designers.

Roxy's favorite hobby of skinny dipping in her private pool hasn't stopped her from sporting this season's hottest look as decided by me, the Cow Print. Here she is pictured in her favorite collar and leash combo, the "Holy Cow" from Jennie B Goode collars. When wearing this fun and flirty number, Roxy oozes confidence and grace without taking herself too seriously. What's black, white, pink and hot all over? Roxy's "Holy Cow" collar, that's what.

Cash is no exception; his rugged good looks and self-assuredness are magnified by this handcrafted, custom, yet-to-be-named collar from our friends at Paco Collars. When they heard that Cash was sick and tired of the clichéd black leather spiked collar, they came to the rescue with this gorgeous one of a kind piece handmade to reflect his personal style. You know you're tough when you're not afraid to be pretty.

As for Chance, we are still searching for the perfect collar to reflect his, well, unique personality (barbwire maybe) so that when his skin clears he'll be just as well dressed as my other hot dogs.

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