Breedism - when will the world learn?

Breedism - when will the world learn?
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As the proud parent of a bully mix (Cash is an American Bulldog/Boxer mix) I am endlessly confounded by those who seem to have some unfounded prejudice against these incredibly sweet and gorgeous dogs. I can't tell you how many times other dog parents have picked up their dogs at the park or crossed the street when they see Cash coming because they are "afraid of pitbulls". There are so many things amiss with this statement and I don't have all day, but to sum it up quickly....A) There's no such thing as a pitbull. B) If there was, Cash wouldn't be one. C) Breed should never predetermine your opinion of a dog (see the "What is it about Pitbulls?" article in the Spring 2011 issue of Modern Dog for a full run down on the issue).

I try to comfort myself in the face of discrimination - these people are ignorant, and their opinions should not affect me. But they do, and they affect my dog, his confidence and his ability to play and socialize with other wonderful pups like himself. Breed ambassadors like Cash should be revered for their gentility, kindness and fun-loving dispositions, but instead they are feared and misjudged. I can only hope that someday we'll all open our minds' and our hearts' to every breed; pure or mixed, big or small, sleek or fluffy, muscular or chubby, until we are all breed-blind.

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