Behind the scenes at a Modern Dog cover shoot!

Behind the scenes at a Modern Dog cover shoot!
June 18, 2012 by Sara Lima
Cash shoot 2.JPG

Cash and I had a very busy day on Friday. We were live on location for the cover photo shoot for Modern Dog's 10th anniversary fall issue! Cash is the only of my three dogs who hasn't made it into the magazine yet, so it seems only fair that he gets the cover, and with that handsome face it would be a sin not to!


I was so impressed with Cash's behaviour, after settling in he gladly sat still for the photos and listened extremely well. He wasn't in a wonderful mood since it took us two hours to get to the location and he doesn't love car rides, but he toughed it out for over four hours of switching poses surrounded by other dogs. Luckily I came prepared with especially delicious treats, fresh water, and loads of patience. As a reward for his examplary behaviour, I also gave Cash half my tuna sandwich.

After a super long day of looking dapper and charming the crew, Cash and I snuck away for a well deserved nap. Being a Modern Dog cover model is very hard work, but we're sure it's going to be worth it!


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