Back in Black

Back in Black
May 4, 2012 by Sara Lima

This month, Best Friends Animal Society is hosting their second annual Back in Black event promoting the adoption of black pets all throughout May. Personally, I cannot understand why there is a necessity for such a cause. To me there is nothing more striking than a shiny and sleek black pittie, or a proud and elegant Rottweiler. However, 54% of shelters report that their dogs experience black dog syndrome; the case of black pets being overlooked for adoption while their lighter coloured friends find homes.

There are several reason as to why this occurs including stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding black pets (some cultures believe black dogs are a symbol of evil, and we've all heard the hubbub about bad luck and black cats). Black pets are also more difficult to photograph, and their coats have a tendency to blend into the background. There are several ways you can help black pets get a better shot at a forever home:

1. Adopt one!

2. Make one of these simple, DIY flower accents and donate it to a black pet to help draw the attention of potential adopters!

3. Donate fetching collars, snuggly blankets or adorable toys. Having toys and blankets in the kennel makes black pets seem more adoptable and less intimidating.

4. Volunteer at a black pet adoption event in your area. If you're in the US, click here to check out events near you. You can also go to any shelter in your area to volunteer year round!

Visit for more info.

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