Phase 3 of Roxy's birthday extravaganza - her party!

Phase 3 of Roxy's birthday extravaganza - her party!
October 30, 2012 by Sara Lima

The day finally came, on Saturday, October 27th my best friend, soul mate and precious dog Roxy turned 10. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since I first saw her in the dirty window of a pet store! I've done several things to lead up to this momentous celebration, including having custom hand-carved collars made and getting a portrait of Roxy tattooed on my arm. So when her actual birthday finally came this past weekend, it was all things Roxy fun!

First I made Roxy a lovely birthday cake. Unlike Cash who has a savoury pallet, Roxy's known around these parts for having a sweet tooth, so her cake featured layers of bananas, apples and strawberries topped with a delectable peanut butter icing. As you can see, she was in heaven!

Once we finished singing Happy Birthday, we decided to head to a park to open her gift and play. What did I get, you ask, for the dog who has everything? Squirrels in a Log, the delightful new toy that must have been designed with Roxy in mind. This incredible combo of tennis ball stuffed inside a fuzzy squirrel toy is something straight out of Roxy's wildest fantasies.

See that predator lurking in the background? Roxy stalked the three squirrel balls like a female lion silently approaching her prey, however once she grabbed a hold of one, chaos ensued.

Ferocious, right? I don't think I've ever seen her react so violently to a toy before, it was mesmerizing and hilarious. Even Cash got in on the squirrel hatin' fun.

He liked to see how many of the squirrels he could fit into this mouth at one time. It appears just one.

Following much play, Roxy collected all of her defeated squirrel adversaries and placed them in a pile to be punished later on.

Since the temperature was quickly dropping and Jer wouldn't let me put a sweater on Cash, we decided to pack up for the day to finish our celebration at home. Roxy had a wonderful time, and does not look/act a day over 6. Here's to another 10 years with my best buddy!

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