Pimping Dani's Ride

Pimping Dani's Ride
July 8, 2013 by Sandy Robins

A couple of month ago I was out walking in my neighborhood and I met up with my neighbor Derek who was out walking a cute bouncy puppy. We stopped to chat and he introduced me to the new canine love of his life named Dani. She is a Queensland Heeler mix (aka Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog). He  adopted her from a farm litter in San Luis Obispo County when she was only  9 weeks old. .
She has a truly infectious smile and a lovely nature.

He was clearly besotted and from then on, whenever I saw them they had just come back from some doggie activity or  were going to do something together. She plays soccer, catches frisbees, and loves the beach and all outdoor activities

Derek drives a snazzy sports car. But after Dani came into his life, he went shopping for additional wheels and bought a truck especially for her!

He same to show me the  Chevrolet S10 extended cab truck which  he bought with all her doggie needs in mind. Dani was clearly thrilled with her new ride.

Because of my association with Toyota with regard to talking pet safety in vehicles, he recently came over to ask my advice on how to pimp Dani’s new ride from a safety point of view. I was very impressed at his concern for his canine passenger.

We discussed how to set up the back seat of the truck for her comfort and still ensuring that she could see out the window. After all, that’s an important part of any doggie excursion.
Here in his own words is what de did.

“For her harness system I drilled holes in the back of the cab and installed U-bolts (the loop is on the inside of the cab and the nuts are on the exterior). Then I took a tie-down strap and spanned it between the loops on the bolts with the Kurgo connection strap free to slide on the tie-down. I took out all the extra parts in the back of the cab and I lined it with a series of blankets and pillows to make the floor padded and level. I then put a final thin blanket on top that is easy to remove and wash (we go to the Huntington dog beach at least twice a month, as well as the local dog park every day).
“I put Dani's Kurgo harness on and walk her out to the truck and open the door. She hops in gladly and I attach the harness to the clip on the connection strap and remove her leash and we're on our way (I wish the harness came with a metal D-ring on the front as well).
“She will lay down in the back or walk about sometimes but mostly she likes to poke her head out between the 2 front seats and watch the road in front of us. In this position she only has enough length to put her front paws on the armrest. There is no way she can leave the back of the truck if I had to brake suddenly or had an accident.
“She is very comfortable and happy while we drive and I know she feels secure. Until I set this system up for her she got carsick easily and was afraid of driving. Now we both feel more safe and can ride in the car together every day.”

Often when I was working pet shows for Toyota I would wonder if people were actually absorbing what I was saying in terms of pet safety. Thus it was very heartwarming to see that Derek did indeed take Dani’s safety as well as his own to heart.

She’s15 months old now and is definitely  one very lucky dog. And there is no question in my mind that he is a very lucky man too.

Dani's Red Wheels :Below

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