The K-9 Casting Call

The K-9 Casting Call
October 15, 2011 by Sandy Robins

When it comes to photographing dogs, it takes more than talent and technical know-how to turn the work into a work of art. It also takes an innate ability to understand the canine psyche.

San Diego's based photographer Andrew Grant's photographs have that WOW-factor that makes them simply gorgeous. 

His foray into the dog world was the production of the magnificent coffee table-styled book called Rover, which captures the beauty, grace and souls of all types of dogs - big, small, purebred and mixed, and most importantly, shelter rescues.

The story of Rover is as stray as many of the dogs in it. Andrew was shooting a commercial ad campaign at the Bulthaup kitchen showroom and the owner's two curious French Bulldogs, Napoleon and Gaston, repeatedly strolled through the busy set. Eventually Andrew decided to include them in the photos. The winning shot was the two dogs as the centerpiece of the photo, and the creative experience changed Andrew's life. The joy and fun he had that day coupled with the staggering statistics he learned about homeless dogs and overcrowded shelters resulted in Andrew expanding his oeuvre to include dog photography and, ultimately, Rover.

"It was the first time I worked with dogs as a professional and on the drive home I thought about how fun to produce an entire book of dogs someday. Well, "someday" quickly became next week when I learned just how many dogs and cats enter shelters every year and the dramatic effect the recession and housing crisis was having on rescues. There was an immediate sense of urgency as I knew a book like this could bring attention to the crisis."

Rover captured the attention of Ellen De Generes who actually gave a copy of this gorgeous tome to Oprah Winfrey. A second book called Rover Woof followed and next week on Sunday October 23, Andrew is holding a casting call to find doggie faces for his third book.

As with any casting call, success has a certain amount of the luck factor to get selected. But dog lovers can by-pass this by actually purchasing color spread in the book for $2 500 and its even possible to negotiate to have your dog on the cover. Thus it doesn't matter where you live, a photo session can be arranged. 

It's a grrr-eat way to immortalize your favorite pooch, and raise money for pets because a portion of the proceeds of the book are donated to various shelters and rescue organizations.

You can learn about the LA casting call and how to take part and more about Andrew's doggie projects at

You can also listen to a radio interview I was privileged to do with him on





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