Cat-approved Dog Beds

Cat-approved Dog Beds
June 7, 2013 by Sandy Robins

I recently found myself with a house full of pet beds to test for a report I was preparing for a national consumer publication. 

As they got unpacked and placed ready for inspection, I noticed that I had feline help. What was so interesting was that the cats were by-passing the  beds marketed specifically for felines and inspecting and getting comfortable in the dog beds.

And I mean really comfortable!

Despite the fact that my cats have carte blanche to sleep anywhere they like in the house, we do have designated pet beds in various  rooms and they do use them  to keep me company wherever I may be  (often ousting each other for possession.)

Watching them inspect the samples that had arrived for this project had me walking around the house taking a  closer look at our incumbent beds only to discover that all but one is marketed as a dog bed. And the one officially assigned for cats, they in fact hardly use.

I had never noticed this before, but judging by the stock of beds that I was working with, there was no question that the dog beds seemed to have far more fillers and bigger rounder  more comfy back padding which protects against draughts at floor level. And the cats had picked up on these design features.

It was ironic that the one they've loved the most was from a company called For Your Dogs Only. (

Go figure.

That could be why in cross species households the cats are always comandeering the dog beds. They know they are better comfort zones.

Well, needless to say the micro suede bagel bed from FDYO is now a permanent fixture in our house. I  have to say that if I had four paws and a tail, I would be looking to jump inside it too. It is really well constructed and offers both  comfort and support -- as a bed should.

The cats have insituted a time-share type arrangement with it. Currently its Ziggy's week -- and he has no intent of sharing ...


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