Nina Ottosson’s interactive dog toys

Nina Ottosson’s interactive dog toys
September 8, 2009 by Product Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good game of Twister? With Nina Ottosson’s DogTwister, Fido can now get in on the fun, too. Hide treats under the movable blocks and watch your dog get to work figuring out a way to manipulate the blocks to release the snacks secreted inside.

DogTwister is part of a family of made-in-Sweden, interactive toys that tap into your dog’s hunting instinct by requiring him to push, lift and move blocks to receive a food reward. This problem-solving stimulates the canine mind while providing entertainment, a bonding experience and, yes, tasty treats--what could be better? The games vary in difficulty and may prove tricky at first (after all, the point is for Rover to use the ol’ grey matter), so at the start your dog may need a bit of instructional prodding but, once he gets the hang of it, it’s remarkably fun and satisfying to watch him successfully maneuver the pieces.

The puzzles are available in wood or plastic, and are never to be used unsupervised.

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Tip: For a hot day distraction, fill the plastic puzzles with wet dog food, freeze, and watch your hot dog get to work!

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