The Clicker Leash

The Clicker Leash
August 17, 2009 by Product Reviews
Clicker Leash

We’d rather reward our furry friends than reprimand them, so when it comes to training we prefer the positive path all the way. This is where the Clicker Leash comes in handy. The Nova Scotia-based company has combined the power of the clicker with that ubiquitous accessory, the leash, to create an ever-present, reward-based training tool that moves seamlessly from training class to walks, hikes, and other real-world situations.

The skinny: clicker meets leash. By discovering what your dog loves best (be it treats, toys or playtime) and combining it with the distinct “click” sound, you can enforce the behaviours you want and phase out those you don’t. This is a very successful method of training but definitely requires repetition, which is why the Clicker Leash is genius. By combining clicker with leash, you not only have your clicker on hand but IN your hand, even when you’re out and about.

The Clicker Leash comes with a basic how-to guide; in addition, detailed training instructions and video tutorials are offered on their website. The ergonomically designed Clicker Leash is similar in size to a retractable leash but is far lighter and comes in two sizes (1/2” width for dogs under 25 lbs and 1” for dogs over 25 lbs) and four leash-length options at

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