Woodrow Wear Introduces Power Paws Reinforced Foot Socks with New, Extra Large Greyhound Edition Size

Woodrow Wear Introduces Power Paws Reinforced Foot Socks with New, Extra Large Greyhound Edition Size
September 14, 2015 by Modern Pets

Woodrow Wear™, a pet products manufacturer of indoor/outdoor non-slip socks for dogs, is proud to introduce Power Paws™ Reinforced Foot™, its third generation product that offers a reinforced foot for added durability needed for rugged outdoor activities. In addition, the third generation product includes the XL Greyhound Edition size bringing a total of 13 sizes across 2 foot shapes to the Power Paws line.

Just like the original Power Paws and Power Paws Advanced, the Power Paws Reinforced Foot line provides traction for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and other movement issues. It also protects paw wounds, inhibits exposure to harsh weather – both heat and snow – and allergens as the others have done, but in a more durable version.

All three generations of Power Paws are made of elastic and cotton for comfort and fit. They are light, breathable, machine washable, and they conform to a dog’s paws allowing the pet to walk very naturally. The grip on the bottom of the socks is a custom blend that never gets hard and has no sand or grit.

“Our reinforced toe product received stellar customer reviews because of the superior durability it offered for long nails and neurological issues. The new Power Paws Reinforced Foot extends the more durable toe technology through the entire foot area creating a product for those who enjoy more rugged activities with their dogs,” said Lorraine Walston, founder and CEO of Woodrow Wear. “We already have 100,000 dogs in 49 countries wearing our socks. Our success is based on meeting the needs of all dogs – and we do that through the many sizes, the two distinct foot shapes, and now three durability levels.”

The Power Paws can be purchased directly from Woodrow Wear or through retailers and veterinarians around the world. Please visit http://woodrowwear.com/retail-sales/. To see Power Paws socks in action, see Woodrow Wear’s customer videos at http://woodrowwear.com/testimonials/videos/.

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