Wise Dogs - new book by bestselling author H. Jackson Brown

Wise Dogs - new book by bestselling author H. Jackson Brown

Man’s best friend reveals how to live a happy and rewarding life in Wise Dogs Nashville, Tenn., April 23, 2014

New York Times best-selling author H. Jackson Brown's new book, Wise Dogs (Worthy Publishing, October 2013), combines the world—class, canine photography of Dale Spartas with poignant phrases about man’s best friend that demonstrate how readers can live a simpler, happy life.

Brown’s new book tugs at the hearts of dog owners and animal lovers alike, with life lessons learned from canine companions proliferating on every page. Perfect as a gift for dog—enthusiasts, or as a talking piece about what truly makes life meaningful, Wise Dogs promotes timeless ideals of loyalty, discipline, purpose, and courage for everyone who seeks to live happier.

Brown urges readers: "Take a walk through the pages of Wise Dogs to rediscover what we already know about our faithful companions; that the mystery behind their eyes and the steadfastness of their spirit reveal noble hearts with much to teach."

H. Jackson Brown’s writings have sold more than 30 million copies, including his Life’s Little Instruction Book, which became the first book in history to rank #1 on the New York Times’ paperback and hardcover bestsellers lists simultaneously. A musician and veteran of the advertising industry, Jackson and his border collie, Casey, live in Nashville, Tennessee.

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