Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test
September 11, 2013 by Modern Pets

Owners of mixed-breed dogs are all too familiar with the questions “What breed is she?” or “Do you know what his parents were?” In fact, most owners have a go-to reply, like “We think she’s mostly Rottweiler because of her stocky build, and maybe some Lab in there, but we’re not really sure.”

Wouldn’t it be great to know for certain? With the Wisdom Panel DNA Test Kit, it’s simple and affordable to find out exactly what breeds your lovable mutt has in him. Most mixed-breed dog owners have suspicions, based on appearance or behavioral factors, of what their mixed-breed dog’s makeup is. However, it’s possible breed-defining physical traits can be lost on the first cross-breeding. Even the most experienced veterinarians and experts have trouble predicting dogs’ heritage.

Knowing your dog’s genetic makeup answers questions, explains physical traits, and allows you to tailor your dog’s training, diet, and exercise plans to make him a healthier and happier pup. Your dog’s genetic breakdown doesn’t just affect how he looks. Breed tendencies, just as barking, digging, or playfulness, are a big part of your dog’s personality. You’ll feel like you know your best friend even better after learning about his ancestry.

Simply swab the inside of your dog’s mouth, send the sample to Wisdom Panel, and three weeks you’ll receive an official ancestry report that reveals your dog’s genetic background. The Wisdom Panel DNA Test Kit evaluates against over 190 dog breeds, ensuring your dog’s full genetic breakdown. With your full report, you’ll receive the ancestry of your dog by breed, a breed profile describing each of the breeds detected in your dog, and a frameable certificate displaying the determined heritage of your dog.

Pet e-commerce website doggyloot is running a deal on the Wisdom Panel DNA Test Kit, just $70 for the full kit. Click here to learn more and purchase it for your pup!


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