Wild Calling Launches New Website!

Wild Calling Launches New Website!
March 7, 2014 by Modern Pets

Exciting, Fast-Growing Pet Food Company, Wild Calling! Debuts New Website Redefining How Consumers Search

Wild Calling, a Greeley, CO based pet food company today announced the launch of their new website www.wildcalling.com. The new website will serve as a central platform in the brand’s strategy to gain awareness and connect with new and existing consumers. Tim Petersen, CEO of the young brand stated, “It’s an exciting time in the evolution of our brand as we continue to invest heavily to connect with consumers seeking to feed their pets the healthiest diets available.” He added, “When I started this company a year ago with my two sons, we couldn’t have imagined the amount of positive feedback and support we have received in our quest to do things a little differently.”

The company’s website highlights a commitment to producing products that are nutritionally superior, while being innovative and professional in their approach to interacting with customers albeit a distributor, retailer or consumer. “We believe we have fundamentally redefined how consumers search a consumer- goods website,” noted Jeremy J. Petersen, Executive Vice President. He went on to add, “At the core is a beautiful, product-centric search tool that sheds focus on the brilliance of our products. The site’s simple design provides consumers the unique ability to get to each page or topic within the website no matter where they are on the site.” The website includes a traditional broad topic search bar at the top of each page and a narrowly defined thematic search bar at the bottom of each page, which hinges around the company’s 5 Wild Promises – their commitments to consumers.

This allows consumers to engage with the brand more broadly when they first visit the site to understand who Wild Calling is, but then drill down to specific topics as they seek deeper engagement with the brand. Jeremy stated, “We wanted to create a site that broadly presented our products and overall brand image but drilled down to detailed specifics as you interact more with the site.

This promotes engagement with the brand and entices consumers to actually search around our entire website.” Within all of this is a commitment to simplicity. As Jeremy points out, “Wild Calling tries to relate with our customers and provide explanations that are short and easy to understand. It’s simple and informative. In that there is a unique beauty about our website because you can find what you are looking for regardless of where you are on the site without it taking a lot of your time.” Wild Calling will be further debuting the launch of the new website at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL March 12 – 14 and invites retailers to stop by booth 4107 with any questions they may have.

About Wild Calling: Taking our cue from the wild west, Wild Calling has created a line of pet food that’s real, honest and true. As a family-owned, family-run company, we had a Wild idea. Let’s make a dog food that’s all natural, grain-free and that actually promotes the health of dogs. The convergence of dietary science and natural food found in the wild is what makes Wild Calling unique. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Superfoods fruits and vegetables. Vitamins C & E. Prebiotics & Probiotics. At Wild Calling we combine the 'science' with the beauty of nature and a genuine love for our pets. That’s an artistic idea. We call it ‘The Art of Nutrition’. The formulation of our diets took years, but we figure it was worth the wait, because...well, we love our pets. Wild Calling Pet Foods (www.wildcalling.com) is a US manufacturer of premium dog and cat foods. Founded in 2012 and based in Greeley, CO, the company is family owned and operated.

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