Wagz: The Future of Pet Products

Wagz: The Future of Pet Products
February 22, 2019 by Modern Pets

In Partnership with Petzi

We all worry about our pets when we’re away from home. What are they up to? Are they okay? What if there’s an emergency and I don’t find out until I get home? Thankfully, Wagz creates smart pet products that let you know your pet is safe and happy (our favourite is the Petzi Treat Cam that lets you watch, talk to, and dispense treats to your pet while away from the house!). We talked with Wagz to find out the inspiration behind their products.


What kind of goods/services does your organization offer to pets/pet owners?

Wagz aims to create a completely connected pet lifestyle. Smart pet products are fun, but pet owners want practical solutions that simplify all elements of pet living. It’s the only system that eliminates hundreds of worries with one simple app. Our connected home products span beyond our Petzi Treat Cam and consist of our Explore Smart Collar, Serve Smart Feeder, Go Smart Door, and Roam Smart Shields. The Explore Smart Collar is more than just smart tracking, it is the center of the Wagz connected pet lifestyle. The Serve Smart Feeder is more than just an automatic feeder, it uses data-driven nutrition unique for your dog. The Go Smart Door is more than just an automatic door as it enables unparalleled access – in and out. The Roam Smart Shields are not just virtual fences that work in conjunction with the Explore Smart Collar, but they allow your dog the freedom to roam, even when you’re not home.


What makes your organization unique? How do you stand out in comparison to similar organizations?

Wagz is unique because we are made up of a team who is working toward real solutions for you and your pet. Let’s face it. There are lots of “smart” product companies out there and lots of smart people who can make cool gadgets for pets. The difference is that we are real dog owners who understand the very real challenges facing today’s busy pet parents. We know pet owners don’t need smart gizmos—they need practical solutions that make it easier to deliver the best life for their best friends.


What makes your organization a good choice for pet owners? What benefits do they gain by engaging with your organization?

Wagz wants to enable pet owners to better care for, connect, and love their pets. With this connected system Wagz hopes to eliminate worries and ease stress from the pet to owner relationship.


What are the core values of your organization? How do they influence your business practices? 

We love dogs and we’re into technology. The Wagz™ team used first-of-their-kind technologies to build the only system that delivers a completely connected pet lifestyle. We committed ourselves to building a family of products that work together to cover the most pressing needs of pet parents. Our products deliver a system that allows you to give your dog newfound freedom, better nutrition, long-lasting health and more attention. It’s a system built to eliminate hundreds of worries. It works with one simple app. It gives you one very happy pup.


What’s the best way for pet owners to find out more about your organization?

Visit www.wagz.com to learn more or to chat with our Dog Nerds to get any questions answered. Wagz will also be at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida at Booth # 5750

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Really technology changes everything including pets products also
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