Urinary Tract Infections in dogs linked to diabetes and struvite stones

Urinary Tract Infections in dogs linked to diabetes and struvite stones
December 20, 2014 by Modern Pets

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) have become an increasing health issue for many modern dogs. Research by a group at a Veterinary College in Virginia, suggests that UTIs are common in dogs with endocrine disorders such as hyperadrenocorticism, diabetes mellitus, or both. If your dog suffers from such a disorder regular screening for UTIs is recommended. Struvite crystals are commonly seen as a disease in dogs, however about 40-44% of healthy dogs have struvite crystals in their urine and it causes no harm. Only if your dog also has a UTI, should you worry. An estimated 98% of Struvite stones, capable of causing serious blockages in your dogs urinary tract, form when large amounts of struvite crystals are simultaneously present with a urinary tract infection from urease-producing bacteria, for example, Staphylococcus or Proteus. Urease, an enzyme, promotes the formation of ammonia and carbon dioxide and this in turn contributes to struvite stone formation as well as alkaline (high-pH) urine. Research suggests that the majority of dogs affected by struvite stone formation and recurrent UTIs, are females. Because of the increasing overuse of antibiotics for treating UTIs, and resulting bacterial resistance, natural remedies are the preferred way to prevent recurrent infections and by extension infection induced struvite stones. One of the most effective natural remedies is the small tart, red, cranberry. However in choosing a cranberry product for UTI prevention, keep in mind that neither cranberry juice, fresh cranberries or dried cranberries are concentrated enough, palatable and except for fresh cranberries, they are loaded with sugar. Look for a food grade, organic cranberry extract, widely used by veterinarians in preventing recurrent UTIs. Such a product (Cranimals Original) is manufactured by a Vancouver based company called Cranimals. They also manufacture diagnostic urine based test kits, which can be used at home to screen for both UTIs and diabetes. For more info see cranimal.com

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