Six Reasons Why Dogs Need A Great Bed

Six Reasons Why Dogs Need A Great Bed
September 25, 2017 by Modern Pets

We know life can be 'ruff' sometimes when your furry friend is dog-tired and in need of a soft, comfy place to crash.

We can help.

Sleep Envie is a Toronto based mattress and bedroom-lifestyle brand with an absolute focus on quality of experience.

Our mission is simply to give our clients, dogs and humans alike, the gift of perfect, sound and beautiful sleep so they may wake up rested, refreshed, and ready for their day.

We have spent months developing a top-of-the-line support foam dog bed. We believe it's important that our dogs have a special place of their own to rest whether they are just relaxing after a rousing game of fetch, having an afternoon nap, or turning in for the night.

It's important to us that every animal has a safe place to sleep. When you purchase one of our dog beds, a donation is made to People Animal Welfare Society. PAWS is a non-profit organization devoted to the rescue of unwanted and abused animals.

Check out our infographic to see just a few of the reasons why your dog needs a great bed:

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