Scannable pet ID tags from Skoubee helps reunite lost pets

Scannable pet ID tags from Skoubee helps reunite lost pets
January 3, 2017 by Modern Pets
Scanning pet ID tag with phone app

Your dog is lost. How would you get reunited? Try out the Skoubee smart pet id tag and give your pet a real social status while you also protect them. When you purchase a Skoubee tag ($29.95USD) you also receive a unique 8-digit pin. Next, log-on to Set up your account. Once your owner profile is set up, just click on “add a pet”. Enter the pin number and create a cute doggy profile.

Our Skoubee pet ID tag uses NFC & QR Code Technology that allows any smartphone to read the tag. Once the tag is scanned, your dog’s profile opens on the phone. Include as much information as you want in your dog’s profile: name, photos, favorite treats, allergies, and your phone number. If you dog goes missing, go to your Skoubee page and click “Lost”. Skoubee sends out social media alerts that your pet is lost so people help look for him or her.

The Skoubee platform includes a private medical section to track of your dog’s vet/grooming/daycare appointments and links them to your google calendar for real time reminders. Or, enter any medications your pet needs. Or, even take notes during vet appointments.

Best of all, your pet social profile / vital information membership is free. At Skoubee, we do not charge monthly / annual fees. We do offer you the easiest way to reunite with your lost pet. The Skoubee community connects with pet lovers from around the world. Share photos of your daily walks. Post on your friend’s wall. Reach out to fellow Skoubee members while traveling and learn where to find the best pet-friendly restaurants or parks. Skoubee is a fun new experience for you and your dog. Join the Skoubee adventure today. Create your free profile at

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