Expands Product Lines for Active Dogs Expands Product Lines for Active Dogs
March 27, 2014 by Modern Pets

Focus on Products to Keep Dogs Safe and Healthy

March 24, 2014 – Raleigh, NC., the online store dedicated to meeting the needs of active, high-energy dogs, has recently expanded its product line with health- and safety-oriented items to better serve their outdoor-loving customers.
Exclusive resellers of the Springer Dog Exerciser, the store now carries a wide variety of harnesses, collars, leashes, jackets, dog beds, dog boots, collapsible water bowls, and toys from Ruffwear®, as well as the K9 Competition line, premium fur care products made in Sweden with pure aloe vera, including shampoos, conditioners, and ear cleanser.

Other health-oriented products include H204K9 Stainless Steel Water Bottle™, Musher’s Secret  paw wax, Sam’s Yam’s Sweet Potato Dental Chews™, and Tick-SR™, a safer tick removal product. According to owner Kjell Ottesen, “We choose products that we trust with our family’s dogs. With her very sensitive skin, our white-furred pit bull Bella responds beautifully to the K9 Competition line. We also make sure that everyone in the family keeps a box of Tick-SR™ at home for emergencies. This is very important to us after Cassie, our beloved pit bull mix, contracted an auto-immune disease from a tick and did not survive.”

Large breed dogs are continuing to grow in popularity. Of the American Kennel Club’s list of top 10 breeds for 2013, in fact, six are active breeds requiring extensive exercise: the Labrador retriever was named the most popular dog breed in the US, followed by German shepherds, golden retrievers, beagles, boxers, and Rottweilers. 

In addition to expert veterinary care, keeping your dog healthy requires attention to nutrition, routine exercise, dental care, and regular grooming. Source: “Keep Your Dog Healthy,” Jenna Stregowski, RVT. is committed to continuing to build its offerings to meet a full range of active dogs’ needs, including:

• Regular exercise (Springer Dog Exerciser, Springer Xtra Arm Kit, dog toys)
• Water breaks (collapsible water bowls, stainless steel water bottle)
• Fur care (K9 Competition line)
• Paw care (boots, boot liners, and Musher’s Secret)
• Dental health (Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Dental Chews)
• Tick protection  (Tick-SR™)

A native Norwegian, Kjell Ottesen first learned about Springer Dog Exercisers while living in Norway. The Springer is a bike attachment that allows dogs to run safely beside their owners. Springer’s low-mounted, heavy-duty steel spring absorbs up to 90% of a dog’s unexpected tugs, allowing bike riders to keep their balance, while protecting them from traffic, pedals, and wheels.

Enjoyed by 600,000+ dog-loving bicyclists around the world since 1988, the Springer is quick and easy to install. For owners of multiple dogs, the Springer Xtra Arm Kit, in combination with the original Springer, allows riders to bike with dogs on both sides of the bicycle by using a specially designed dual bolt. and Springer America are based in Raleigh, NC.
For more information, contact Kjell Ottesen at 919-616-0532 or

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