ROCKIN' PAWS Creates a Rockin' Show Stoppin' Line that turns Snarls to Silky Smooth

ROCKIN' PAWS Creates a Rockin' Show Stoppin' Line that turns Snarls to Silky Smooth
June 13, 2014 by Modern Pets

LOS ANGELES - June 01, 2014 - Entrepreneur and dog owner Judy Arnold has developed a line of revolutionary formulas for dogs called Rockin' Paws, that detangles, smooths, shines and most of all saves time. Being a busy working dog-mama on-the- go, she needed products that not only worked well , but lasted a long time, cutting down on the frequency of baths and brushing. An important message that Rockin' Paws wants pet parents to know is that 'All pet shampoos are not created equal'!

In Judy's own words, "Our Rockin' Paws coat care line was truly born out of love for my four-legged boys, and the desire to make two commitments our mission. The first of which is to give pet parents a little more time by bringing them the very best in gentle, innovative and efficient human grade pet care products. Our second commitment is to help the many animals in need that don't receive the same kind of love and pampering that we shower on our beloved pups. From the very start, we decided to dedicate a portion of our profits to support the people, shelters and organizations who work so hard to make the lives of less fortunate animals better. Through Rockin' Paws, you can be an important part of making a real, caring difference in our world - something we can all feel very good about."

THE PRODUCTS: Rockin' Paws ROCKIN' SHOW STOPPER Coat De-Matting and Shine Serum is specially formulated for use on both wet and dry coats to provide ultra-deep condition and lustrous, show-stopping shine to your fur baby's coat. Enriched with Jojoba Oil for deep conditioning and Avocado Oil for nourishment & shine, Rockin' Show Stopper Serum adds softness, restores moisture to your precious pet's coat and helps guard against mats.

Rockin' Paws SO ROCKIN' CLEAN Gentle & Freshening Coat Cleansing Shampoo gently and effectively removes dirt and neutralizes bad odors from your four-legged star 's coat. Ph Balanced and sulfate free, it's formulated with only gentle cleansers and a premium conditioner, so as not to irritate your pet's delicate skin. SO ROCKIN' CLEAN guards against mats and brings out the coat's natural highlights. Enriched with a blend of rainforest oils (Copaiba, Andiroba and Acai) to help soothe your pet's skin, guard against environmental skin irritants and maintain natural moisture.

Rockin' Paws SO SMOOTH! Lightweight Coat Conditioner is formulated to leave your pet's freshly-cleaned coat detangled, soft and fluffy like never before. Enriched with a blend of rainforest oils (Copaiba , Andiroba and Acai) , this rich conditioning formula benefits your pet's delicate skin by helping to soothe and maintain the skin's moisture barrier and better guard against environmental irritants. Rich in de-matting and shine boosting ingredients, the pH Balanced and Paraben-Free formula imparts fluff to the coat making it ultra soft, shiny and easy to comb.

Rockin' Paws SHINE ON ME Coat Polishing and Detangling Spray is formulated to give your pup's coat a brilliant shine after and in-between groomings. Enriched with active levels of jojoba and avocado oils to impart shine and softness, Shine on Me spray helps give more ease in brushing or combing out mats, it's perfect for pre-bath detangling and just the thing for quick touch-me-ups to your stars coat between grooming or baths.

Rockin' Paws also offers rockin' doggie t-shirts. These, along with the coat care products, are all made in the USA. The company is also proud of the fact that they test all the their products first on 'Human Family and Friends', in fact Judy uses the entire line on her own hair, letting consumers know that it is completely safe for their pet.

This exclusive line is available in select pet boutiques and on the Rockin' Paws website. See for locations and more information.

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