Redbarn Pet Products Releases New Dog Treats with Functional Ingredient Coating

Redbarn Pet Products Releases New Dog Treats with Functional Ingredient Coating
March 7, 2017 by Modern Pets
Redbarn Pet Products Cheese and Bacon Dipped Grain-Free Biscuits

Since 1996, Redbarn Premium Pet Products has manufactured chews, treats and food with the health and safety of our customers’ pets in mind. Redbarn is proud to announce the launch of its newest dog treat, Grain-Free Dipped Biscuits. Redbarn co-owner Jeff Baikie remarked, “We aim to release innovative pet products every year that exceed our customer’s expectations. After countless tries to make the tastiest biscuit possible, we were able to produce our new grain-free biscuits dipped in one of two tasty coatings. I’m delighted that dogs everywhere will have a new, favorite, and most importantly healthy, dog treat.”

New Grain-Free Dipped Biscuits are available in two sizes and two flavors. The biscuit is available in two sizes, small and large, to help different sized dogs enjoy a treat while maintaining their daily calorie intake levels to support weight maintenance. Grain-Free Dipped Biscuits are available in two flavors, Peanut Butter and Cheese n’ Bacon, to help pet owners cater to their pet’s preferred taste. Peanut Butter helps support your dog’s joint health, while Cheese n’ Bacon contains ingredients that help support keeping their coat healthy. Picky eaters won’t be able to resist the highly palatable coatings made with real cheese or peanut butter.

Redbarn Grain-Free Dipped Biscuits also have added superfood functional ingredients, like Vitamin E, Salmon Oil and Chicken Cartilage, to help support your dog’s health. Redbarn co-owner Howard Bloxam said, “When customers pick up a Redbarn product, we want them to be confident, knowing they made a safe and reliable choice like our new Dipped Biscuits.”

Choosing the best treat to aid in your pet’s health is just as important as the location where the ingredients are sourced and manufactured. Redbarn is proud to manufacture our Grain-Free Dipped Biscuits in the USA, guaranteeing both high standards for quality assurance and American jobs. Look for the “Made in the USA” label, which means that the dipped biscuit was processed in our Great Bend, Kansas plant.

About Redbarn Pet Products, LLC:
In 1996, Redbarn co-owners (and lifelong friends) Jeff Baikie and Howard Bloxam recognized the need for a wholesome dog food that was developed, produced and sold with integrity and quality ingredients. They developed the signature Redbarn Rolled Food, enhanced with over 93% digestibility. Soon, they began manufacturing premium, grass-fed bully sticks and other natural chews. In 2013, responding to customer’s demands, Jeff and Howard created the grain-free Redbarn for Cats line. Redbarn is proud to be celebrating 20 years of providing products and information to help our customers in making educated, nutritious decisions for their pets.

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