Pups Who Pack Are Perfect For Back To School—And Adorable!

Pups Who Pack Are Perfect For Back To School—And Adorable!
August 29, 2016 by Modern Pets


Pups Who Pack sprung from backpack designer Maggie Modena’s love for adventuring with her dogs. After her success with her ‘human’ backpack line, she made a matching dog backpack for her pug and french bulldog. Between all of the inquiries and smiles the packs brought on daily walks, she decided to make it official and launch the dog backpack harnesses on Kickstarter in the fall of 2015.

After her success on Kickstarter and wonderful customer feedback, Maggie decided that ‘Pups Who Pack’ will be a permanent addition to the Modena backpack line.

Each bag has the same utility of a harness, with the added bonus of a compartment for extra goodies: waste bags, sweatshirt, snacks, collapsable water bowl, ball, toys, water and more. No more forgetting anything; instead you’ll always be ready for walks, hiking, weekending and adventuring with your beloved pet. Not to mention, the packs are fun and cute.

‘If you’re a dog owner like myself, you always want to bring them with you.’ Maggie explains. ‘At first the dog pack was a fun side project, but I quickly realized how much I loved the utility of the bag. With the pack, we always have our usual dog items ready to go on a walk or day trip. We have to put a harness on for walks anyway so may as well have the added function! I also never forget waste bags now.’

In 2016, Maggie traveled cross-country with her husband and two dogs gathering inspiration for future lines as well as perfecting the utility of her dog packs. For six months she went from city to city, to the scenic countryside, bringing her dogs with her. You can see Maggie’s inspiration through her fun and colorful prints which she designs herself, fresh every season.

Each of her prints are unique to the line and are made in limited quantities each season. Be sure to watch for when Maggie releases new styles this fall and holiday! Learn more at pupswhopack.com and shop current styles at shop.pupswhopack.com


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