Protect Your Dog from Birds of Prey with Raptor Shield

Protect Your Dog from Birds of Prey with Raptor Shield
January 27, 2017 by Modern Pets
Protect Your Dog from Birds of Prey with Raptor Shield

Raptor Shield is one of the most revolutionized small dog protection jackets on the market today. Raptor Shield was designed and tested to give small dogs a fighting chance against vicious attacks from hawks and other raptors. With Raptor Shield, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected from these dangerous predators. Now, there's finally an option to help your pet. Raptor Shield is made with quality material to comfortably fit your pet with adjustable straps, and ventilation for warmer climates.

Raptor Shield has been examined by a professional Naturalist at our local Forest Preserve District. It was determined that the talons of a Hawk and/or any other Raptor would not be able to penetrate the Raptor Shield material, and injure the dog. Raptor Shield’s colors are a deterrent to hawks and other birds of prey.

How Raptor Shield Works:

Raptor Shield was designed to protect small dogs from Hawks, Raptors, and all other birds of prey. It works by preventing a bird of prey’s talons from puncturing the skin. Typically birds will latch onto the prey with its talons and fly away. With this in mind, Raptor Shield prevents the talons from puncturing the skin, which prevents the birds from flying away with your beloved animal.

Raptor Shield buys your pet time and a chance to escape anytime a hawk attacks your pet, increasing chances of survival. Have peace of mind knowing your pet will stay safe with Raptor Shield.

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