Products For People, Curated By Pets: Beatrix & Midge Co.

Products For People, Curated By Pets: Beatrix & Midge Co.
April 17, 2017 by Modern Pets


When drawing portraits of her friends’ pets proved to be extremely popular gifts, professional illustrator Bambi Edlund teamed up with her sister and fellow dog lover to form Beatrix and Midge Co., offering custom pet portraits—done in their ever-popular “mugshot” style—printed in bright, modern colours on high-quality stretched canvas. The portraits capture the lively spirit of their subjects and are treasured additions to the owners’ households.

The business is named after Bambi’s pets, Instagram darlings Beatrix (a game-for-anything Bernese Mountain Dog) and Midge (a sassy, fluffypants tuxedo cat), who are spunky mascots for this bright and cheerful online shop.

As Bernese Mountain Dog owners, they found themselves answering the same questions about the breed over and over, so they decided to create an infographic with the most interesting tidbits of Berner knowledge and lore. The project was so much fun (and so popular) that they continue adding new breeds to the lineup regularly. These clever and charming infographics are printed on large, super-soft pillows, heavy-duty tote bags, big-dog-sized mugs and iPhone cases, as well as wall art prints in various sizes. 


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