Petnostics Launches to Help Owners Monitor Pet’s Health at Home

Petnostics Launches to Help Owners Monitor Pet’s Health at Home
June 13, 2014 by Modern Pets

Los Angeles, CA (April 15, 2014) – Busy pet owners can now monitor their pet's health at home or on-the-go thanks to the Petnostics all-in-one urinalysis cup. This cost-effective and convenient product allows pet parents to determine if their pet potentially has any number of ailments or diseases, such as a urinary tract infection, dehydration, or diabetes.

Petnostics’ patented urine-collection cup has colorimetric chemical test strips on the lid that change colors when used. Once a sample is collected in the cup, the lid screws on, and the top can then be scanned via a free iOS app available from the Apple App Store. Results are then shown, instantly. The test strips are the same type as those used in veterinary clinics and give pet owners the peace of mind to test the health of their dog or cat whenever and wherever they choose.

Petnostics is the first product release from Scanostics, which was founded in February 2013 by Stephen Chen. Chen brings more than five years of experience working in the in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices space and invented the technology behind mobile urinalysis.

"This new and convenient technology from Petnostics allows pet owners to monitor their dog’s and cat’s health," says Chen. "If the app indicates there is something wrong, owners will be able to move quickly and remedy the problem with their local veterinarian. It is always better to prevent an issue or disease by catching it early on, rather than treating it at a later stage.”

Teco Diagnostics, an industry leader in the manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices, is one of the company’s corporate and manufacturing partners. Through this relationship, Petnostics has direct access to Teco’s scientists and products, which enhances the strength of Petnostics’ own research and development team. 


Petnostics, a Scanostics product, allows pet owners to check their pet's health, instantly. The patented all-in-one urinalysis cup uses the same colorimetric chemical test strips that veterinarians use in clinics. Pet parents simply collect a urine sample from their dog or cat with the Petnostics cup and along with Petnostics’ free iOS app, they can quickly determine if their furry friend potentially has a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or other ailments. Besides Petnostics, Scanostics is also currently in the process of obtaining FDA approval for a human mobile urinalysis product.

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