Pet Care Revolution – New ‘Veterinary Skype’ Service Launched

Pet Care Revolution – New ‘Veterinary Skype’ Service Launched
August 7, 2015 by Modern Pets

The busy lives of pet owners will become less stressful with the launch of the

UK’s first national veterinary on demand video consulting service – with animal lovers able to receive expert advice in the comfort of their home at a time convenient to them.

The arrival of PawSquad marks a significant change for the owners of the UK’s 65m pets. For the first time they’ll be able to benefit from the guidance and experience from a qualified veterinary surgeon – at anytime, anywhere.

“Up until now, the digital revolution that’s shaken up so many aspects of our lives has by-passed the veterinary sector,” said PawSquad co-founder Francesco Cardoletti. “What we’ve done is build a new, on demand digital service that supplements bricks and mortar vet services.”

“We’re not removing the need for veterinary practices. Instead, PawSquad is an adjunct service that offers pet owners peace of mind by allowing them instant access to affordable professional advice and guidance during times of anxiety and uncertainty.”

Veterinary practices are the gatekeepers of knowledge about pets – but unfortunately they operate primarily during office hours.

Until now, owners have had only two options when they need advice about their pets' health and welfare. They either take time out of their busy schedules to visit the vet or, when a visit isn’t possible, they search the Internet for non-professional and frequently unreliable information.

“Adding to the owner’s stress is that a standard 10-minute vet consultation is rushed and expensive,” said Francesco Cardoletti. “After their pet has been examined and diagnosed, time often runs out before they can get all their questions answered – and their only option is to go through the hassle and expense of booking another appointment.”

PawSquad vets won’t diagnose illnesses – instead they will focus on a range of non-critical areas such as general health, behaviour, nutrition and management of long-term, non-emergency conditions.

“In the same way that if you’re seriously ill, you shouldn’t call NHS 111 – you need to get to a GP or if it’s an emergency, to the nearest A&E ward of a hospital,” said Francesco Cardoletti. “If your pet requires emergency care, you need to go to a bricks and mortar veterinary clinic and get it physically examined by a vet.”

Pet owners will also cash in on PawSquad’s lower prices. A 15-minute digital consultation will cost £15 – by comparison a 10-minute appointment at a ‘bricks and mortar’ vet practice typically costs between £35 - £40. 

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