A Life Saving Dog Coat

A Life Saving Dog Coat
February 9, 2016 by Modern Pets

Picking the right dog coat can be a tough decision, but who knew it could also be a life saving decision! Carol Bemis shared her story of just how the Hurtta Summit Parka saved her dog's life.

Your coat saved my dog's life!

We have 3 dogs and this Fall I bought for all 3 of them your Hurtta Summit Parka. We live in Minnesota where a warm, durable coat is essential. We live on a lake and it becomes our winter playground.  This last week while playing and running on the lake, our English Pointer, Captain, disappeared.  It was dusk. We have attached beacon lights to the dogs coats for evening and night walks.  We saw only 2 beacon lights and knew instantly Captain had fallen through the ice.

Jacquie ran to the area where 2 of our dogs were standing.  Captain was hanging on by one paw to the edge. He kept going under and trying to get himself out. Jacquie knew she couldn’t get close to him because of the thin ice.  She ran close by and kicked down a post that was marking an area on the ice. She went back to Captain and used the post to push under the strap that goes around the dog body of the coat. She was able to help lift him out of the water with the post under the strap. That strap design, priceless!!

Had it not been for his Hurtta coat, there would be a different ending.

Best coat ever!  


Carol Bemis

- JL

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