A Letter From The CEO of STUdio Pet Company

A Letter From The CEO of STUdio Pet Company
May 23, 2017 by Modern Pets




STUpendous Bonvillian is the CEO at STUdio Pet Company. Passionate about comfort and cuddles, the transition into the Bonvillian family was a natural fit. But still, something was missing. With encouragement from friends and neighborhood pup pals, STU and his parents, Mandy and John, started STUdio Pet Company in 2017 where they specialize in providing high-end dog kennels that offer dual functionality for their fellow canine lovers.



A letter from the CEO of STUdio Pet Company:

Most people would agree that dogs are a member of the family, but sometimes we can present some challenges inside the house. My mom and dad’s most STUpendous complaint—aside from the slobber—was maintaining a dog-friendly home that doesn't look like I rule the roost. Dog lovers have been trying to find the right balance for years.

That’s where I come in.

STUdio Pet Company created a solution that encourages seamless living between us dogs and our parents. At the core of our company is a desire to combine kennels with household furniture in a way that isn’t obtrusive. Loving a dog doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the beauty of your home. Nor does it mean our quality of life has to suffer to keep your home looking good.

The challenge is providing comfortable accommodations for us that don't stick out like a sore thumb. Traditional kennels are great, but they aren't going to win any dog shows, if you know what I mean. Most of them are an eyesore and serve only one purpose. STUdio Pet Company re-imagined what a kennel could be and turned our visioninto elegant furniture that actually enhances the beauty of your home.

Mom and Dad decided to give me an extreme makeover of the kennel variety. That’s when we were inspired to create original pieces that serve a dual purpose... a kennel and a functional piece of furniture. We completelyredefined the meaning of “a night in the dog house.” These high quality kennels are more than just practical—they’re works of art. Imagine an end table, coffee table or entertainment center that rivals high-end furniture. Now, add in a comfy place that’s all your own. The result is a unique concept that’s changing how people live with their pets. 



Trust me—if your pet could pick out their own room, our "STUdio's" would rank high on their wish list. Your home is your castle. And with a STUdio Pet kennel, there’s no reason why both you and your pet can't live like royalty.

Love and Bulldog Hugs,

STUpendous Bonvillian, CEO

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