Let The Memory Of Your Pet Grow Into A Beautiful Plant

Let The Memory Of Your Pet Grow Into A Beautiful Plant
April 11, 2016 by Modern Pets

Love, Seeds, Life. Pet Perennials is a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly memorial product that creates new life from the love and remains of your lost pet. The products are offered in two options: a memorial crafting product, MiY Pet Perennials Kit or in a “Custom” selection. The Make-it-Yourself kits contain all of the organic planting materials and the necessary tools for the pet parent/family to combine them to form seed wafers resulting in a one of a kind, flower planting product that can be enjoyed year after year. The cremated remains of a beloved pet can be added during the activity if desired. For those who do not wish to make seed wafers at home, “Custom” Pet Perennials are handcrafted by Cherished Ones crafters for the pet parent or family. No matter which option is chosen, the seed wafers can be used to start a flower garden or to disperse wherever one wishes to create a living memorial. Pet Perennials make a wonderful gift and healing activity for family or friends experiencing pet loss.
Create lasting, living celebrations of your pet because there is no “right” or “wrong” way to use Pet Perennials. It is totally up to you and your imagination. Since Pet Perennials contains perennial flower seeds, once sown they will bring a smile and enjoyment to you each year. 
• Do you have a favorite place where you liked to walk your dog?
• Is there a special trail where you enjoyed riding your horse? Or a pasture that he liked to roam?
• Did your cat have a particular tree that she climbed? Or a place in neighboring woods that she visited?
• Perhaps your rabbit liked to hide among the plants and shrubs in your backyard?
These are all perfect locations to sow your Pet Perennials. The possibilities for planting are endless because you can take the wafers wherever you wish. No matter where you decide to sow your Pet Perennials, we believe that everyone will delight in the colorful flowers that bloom as a result.


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