The Dog Who Inspired Canis World CBD

The Dog Who Inspired Canis World CBD
March 21, 2019 by Modern Pets
Christopher Robin

In Partnership In With Canis World


Canis World creates CBD tinctures for our furry four-legged friends that are suffering from a host of issues, such as anxiety, pain, seizures, and more. Their USA-made products cater to your dog or cat's tastes, coming in flavours like bacon, cheese and natural. We had the pleasure of chatting with some of the Canis World members about the inspiration for starting the company as well as their goals for the future. 



What passions, life events, or furry friends inspired you to start your company/organization/venture?


Christopher Robin is a dog we rescued several years ago.  All of our dogs are very special dogs to us, but Christopher Robin has had his share of obstacles in life, which had left us with a very special connection.  When Christopher Robin became ill and was battling for his life, we explored every single medical option we could find along with alternative options to leave “no stone unturned” in our quest to provide him with the best care and outcomes available.  He literally had a team of seven healthcare providers and scientists engaged in his care.Canis World CBC tinctures


We didn’t like what we were seeing online being pedaled for pets in the CBD space. The cannabinoid industry (CBD) for pets is an industry with a lot of different directives, products and misinformation. Most of which we really just weren’t really thrilled about, and when it came to Christopher Robin’s best interest we felt we had no choice but to develop a product we knew was clean, high quality, and effective. 


Upon seeing the benefits Christopher Robin experienced (which left our veterinarian speechless), we decided to then work with various veterinarians who started to report back their clinical case studies and inspiring results they had seen in their clients first hand.  This is when we knew it was time to pay it forward, and make Canis World available for purchase, not as a business, but as a cause for the pets to provide quality and comfort.


What does your work offer to pet owners? What are your goals for this venture?


Our work is to be on the cutting edge of developing some of the best solutions surrounding cannabinoids for the benefits of pets.  Our goal is to incorporate our background and access to medical providers and scientists to help keep us moving in the right direction with innovative options for pet parents. 



What is your personal connection to pets, and what effect does this have on your work?

Administering CBD

One of our favorite things about life is the happiness, comfort and well-being of our pets.  The other day we had seen a meme that stated something along the lines of “there are about 8 people I really care about and 3,000 dogs I have never met”, and the overall gist of that is how we feel.  In working with pet parents at Canis World, we have had some very rewarding cases, pet parents crying and thanking us, friendships with the pet parents and dogs we have not even met but love dearly. 

We have always rescued and adopted our personal dogs.  In some cases, they are senior dogs or dogs with health or behavioral issues. The breeds of dogs we have adopted vary so much.  We don’t select a breed or dog to foster or adopt but they just seem to find us.  After all, they do say that we don’t pick our dogs, but they pick us, and it is our obligation to do right by them because we are fortunate to have them in our lives.


Our love for dogs (and cats), has fueled our passion in making a difference and that is why Canis World exists.


How is your work a benefit to pets and pet owners? (through work or through charitable giving)


Our work is a benefit as we feel we are motivated for the “right” reasons, which is to first and foremost always think of what is best for the dog.  We are not out to make a buck on the back of a dog, but we are out to find ways to create benefits for dogs that are affordable to their pet parents.  We are also passionate about giving back to causes aligned with our philosophy (those who actively seek to help senior and rescue dogs).


How can pet owners get in contact with you/find out more about your work?


They can contact us personally through our website at: and if they wish to speak with one of the founders to ask questions or  swap stories on dogs, we will always make ourselves available for such dialogues. 



What advice can you offer to other entrepreneurs looking to get started in the pet industry?Canis World logo


Personally, we know many brands and products enter the pet industry for profits.  While there are certainly good pet products, there are also bad pet products.  Our advice is make sure you have a true love, passion and commitment to pets as your priority and never lose sight of that committed focus and purpose, which also means quality control measures and standards. Do a lot of due diligence.


There exists a wide gamut of individuals, much like in any other field.  Finding and identifying quality individuals or companies to align yourself is worth the arduous amount of time and effort on the front end, as it will ultimately lead to a great product and good relationships on the back end.  Nothing worthwhile is easy, as is often times quoted, but if you are passionate about helping animals, it is an honor to spend your time in pursuit of championing a cause for which they need to rely upon a human voice. 

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