Create a Beautiful Keepsake with Makin A Memory Frames

Create a Beautiful Keepsake with Makin A Memory Frames
November 9, 2017 by Modern Pets


We love our pets and like our children, want to preserve the memories they give us. Displaying their photo with a favorite keepsake toy and their pawprint are great ways of sharing. Makin a Memory frames have a unique way of achieving this.

Featuring black solid wood frames, there are 4 different designs to choose from. Two styles have a patented swivel turning faces and all frames include Makins Clay®, a specially formulated air dry polymer clay. It is non-toxic (no smelly oven fumes), enviromentally safe and hypoallergenic. Makins Clay® is durable enough to last a lifetime, (guaranteed) and yet easy to work with to create your forever impression.

With their unique styles, you can showcase a photo, memorabilia and pawprint within any of the frames. Elegant styling allowd you to display in a formal setting or anywhere in your home or office. It is the perfect gift for any pet lover and is also a great way to display children’s keepsake memories.

For more information on Makin A Memory frame kits, please visit or call 844-701-1076.

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