CBD Testimonial

CBD Testimonial
January 13, 2021 by Modern Pets

Time and again we hear testimonials from dog lovers who are amazed at how effective CBD is in dealing with all manner of ailments. Following is a testimonial describing how CBD helped Titan the Golden Retriever. 


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November 2, 2020 

"I’m so glad I was led to Chris at Healthier Pet. A few weeks back my Golden Retriever, whom will be 13 in January, was at a vet visit and my world shattered when I was told Titan was in “end of life” stages. He’s such a puppy but his panting was insane, 24/7. His back legs are weak. Sadly, his body will fail him before his spunk for life runs out.

The next day Titan had a grooming appt and my groomer led me to Chris. I didn’t hesitate to go this route. I called him first thing the next morning, 8am, and asked him if it’s too early and he said nope! I’m up so I’m open! Perfect! We had a discussion about Titan and he was very informative. When we got off the phone, I ordered what he recommended and he had it delivered to my door before I got home from work. Titan started his first dose that evening. We’ve had to make some adjustments to the dose but we have him on the right amount now. He almost immediately started sleeping through the night and no waking up panting. He hasn’t woken up panting in 2 weeks. He barely ever pants anymore. He is a lot more adventurous with the stairs. He went down in the basement twice this weekend and it’s been months since he’s been down there. He does go upstairs every night to bed with me but it’s a process (I have a 2-story home so lots of stairs). My parents have said they see a big difference as well.

I am beyond happy with the results and support from Chris. He is there to answer every phone call and email. I cried happy tears knowing my pup is more comfortable than he was. I’m not sure how much time we have left together but I know for sure he’s comfortable and living his best life at almost 13!

Thank you, Chris! If anyone is considering this please give it a go, you won’t regret it. My thoughts were... if I didn’t try it, I’d never know. If I tried and it wasn’t successful, then I’d know I gave it a go. But we are very pleased with the results and as long as I got my goofy Golden he will have his happy medicine, aka CBD oil".

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