Carole Cusamano: Doggie Designer Extraordinaire

Carole Cusamano: Doggie Designer Extraordinaire
June 13, 2014 by Modern Pets

Carole Cusumano is a seasoned entrepreneur & fashion professional designing and developing unique product brands for more than 20 years.  Always on the cutting edge, Carole has continually created successful businesses either while working in her own collections or in collaboration with established brands.

Her PRECISION FIT ™ harness technology developed from customer feedback  is a win for both the retailer and the consumer. Solving the design challenge of sizing product for dogs, the PRECISION FIT ™ harness design has side adjustability in combo with a soft step-in Velcro®  to custom fit your dog’s unique size!

  • Harness sizing has 5 sizes covering dogs from 4 – 50 lbs
  • Military quality velcro for strength
  • Double dring leash closure
  • Mesh harness has reflective trim for night visibility
  • Core nylon harness is made in NYC

“Free to develop new products – I decided to launch My Canine Kids  taking into consideration the need for customizing fit as our pets come in so many sizes and shapes! While at the same time being sensitive to merchandising needs and massive SKU counts! The new designs have that ability – easily adjusting - fitting a wide range of necks & waistlines with significantly fewer sizes.

Coco & Chanel, my pair of mini dachshunds, were the original muses for Cloak & Dawggie the first company I founded in 2003!  Today I have inspiration from all of the fun and events we have experienced together over the past 10 years!  Observing our pets and addressing their needs is my foundation for designing!  What's that timeless expression? Necessity is the mother of invention!"

The collection elevates your favorite best sellers to a new level of product design, innovation and functionality. The company maintains a New York manufacturing base and has established a factory direct product development arm to accommodate small or large multi-unit retailers who want to explore exclusive product offerings.

“We can design, source, and produce at very competitive prices both in the USA and abroad!”

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