Man Shops Globe

Man Shops Globe


Working for Modern Dog has taught me a lot about the impressive and awe-inspiring lengths that some people will go to to save animals in distress. Dog-lovers are creative and passionate in their quest to save as many as they can.

I think this way might possibly be the most fun, however. I'm not knocking the doggie wash fundraisers, and surfing dogs just blows my mind. All the people who spend countless hours volunteering, fostering, traveling with Vets Without Boarders-- all of that impresses me and humbles me and makes me wish I was doing more every single day.

But this, ladies and gentlemen, is like a treasure hunt. To benefit an animal rescue.

On Wednesday, June 7th, on "Man Shops Globe", the Sundance Channel's hit series, Keith Johnson, buyer-at-large for specialty retailer Anthropologie, is going to be using his treasure-hunting skills. He will search through shops, markets, and studios in a quest to gather together a host of collaborators and dog-related goods to be auctioned off to benefit a Philadelphia animal rescue.

Part Indiana Jones, part Tomb Raider, part Rescue Ink, this show promises to be an action-packed, wag-worthy good time, and all for a worthy cause.

I know what I'll be watching. What about you?

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